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97.5 Y-Country Medical Minute – Safe Sleeping for Infants

97.5 Y-Country Medical Minute – Safe Sleeping for Infants

Aired 11/5/2018

This week’s Y-Country Medical Minute quickly discusses tips on keeping your infant safe while sleeping.

Safe Sleeping Tips

  • Ensure baby always sleeps alone
  • Always place baby on their back when laying them down to sleep
  • Baby should always sleep in their crib or a pack and play
  • Do not overdress baby
  • Do not place toys, blankets, pillows, or crib decorations in the baby’s sleep area.

Don’t have a safe sleeping option for your infant?

If you reside in Cass County and do not have a safe sleep option for your child, please contact the Cass County Youth Council or the Cass County Sheriff’s Office for assistance.   For Berrien County residents, please contact the Berrien County Health Department.

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