97.5 Y-Country Medical Minute – Rethink Your Drink, Fair Edition

by Matt Malone & Rose Willson

Aired: 8/12/2019

Fair season is upon us in southwest Michigan and this week is the Berrien County Youth Fair. County fairs are known and loved for their deep-fried, sugar-filled unhealthy treats. Before you head out to the fair, be sure to check out this week’s Y-County Medical Minute and Rethink Your Drink.

ReThink Your Drink

Did you know, there are 16.25 teaspoons of sugar in 18 chocolate chip cookies, 6 donuts and (1) 20 oz Soda? The average person would not eat 18 cookies or 6 donuts in one sitting, however, will drink the same amount of sugar from those items in (1) 20 oz soda.

The famous Lemon Shake-Up that can be found at most state and county fairs contains 14 teaspoons of sugar (56g) for a 12 oz. cup or 28 teaspoons of sugar (112g) for a 24 oz. cup.

ReThink Your Drink by packing a cooler of water so you can stay hydrated and avoid those sugary beverages.

Be sure to stop by the Niles Community Health Center booth to see our ReThink Your Drink display and to find out more about Cassopolis Family Clinic Network.

Y-Country Medical Minute

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