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97.5 Y-Country Medical Minute – Be Winter Weather Smart

97.5 Y-Country Medical Minute – Be Winter Weather Smart

Winter has finally arrived in southwest Michigan!   As the temperature continues to fall, it’s important to keep your family safe and healthy.    This week’s Y-Country Medical Minute quickly discusses tips on how to be winter weather smart.

Dress Smart

Whether heading to work, school or build a snowman, it’s important to protect your skin from frostbite.  In frigid temperatures, any exposed skin is at risk of frostbite.

Wet clothing makes you feel even colder, be sure to wear waterproof and wind-resistant winter gear.   If your clothing becomes wet, if possible, change your clothes to prevent loss of body heat. Here’s what you need:

  • Hat or Hood to protect your head
  • Winter Jacket with layers of clothing underneath
  • Snow pants
  • Winter boots
  • Gloves

Shoveling Smart

Shoveling snow can cause strain to your body.  To remove snow safely, stay warm, stay hydrated, and keep up with the snow as it falls.   Always remember, if you must lift, utilize your legs rather than your back. 

Walk Smart

You never know what is under that layer of snow.  Be sure to wear proper boots when walking in the winter months as to avoid falls due to icy conditions.

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