97.5 Y-Country Medical Minute - The Importance of Medical ID's

by Matt Malone and Rose Willson

97.5 Y-Country Medical Minute – The Importance of Medical ID’s

Aired: 11/11/2019

Medical emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere – especially if someone has a pre-existing condition or has food or medication allergies.  Being prepared for medical emergencies is key.  This week’s Y-Country Medical Minute quickly discusses the importance of medical identification.

What is a Medical ID?

A medical id is am emblem or tag that is worn by an individual with a medical condition to alert others that the individual may require immediate medical assistance.  There are several kinds of Medical Alert ID’s.  From bracelets, necklaces, and some even have their id tattooed.   MedicAlert bracelets are the most common type of medical identification.

How does it work?

The tag worn by the individual with a medical condition displays their ailment to physicians and/or first responders when the individual is unable to communicate.   The tag is engraved with the person’s name, medical condition, a number to the 24-hour MedicAlert line, and the wearer’s personal ID number, which provides access to their medical information and history through the MedicAlert database.  When the number is called, MedicAlert, will send the patients information to the medical provider or hospital treating the individual.

How do I get a Medical Alert Bracelet?

If you have a medical condition or allergy and would like to discuss the possibility of getting a Medical Alert Bracelet, contact your primary care provider.

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