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Cass Family Clinic answers how do I questions.


Schedule An Appointment
Cassopolis Family Clinic Network (CFCN) welcomes new patients and strives hard to schedule all patients, new or existing, in a timely way.
To make an appointment, call the number for the location you wish to go to. They may verify some information over the phone and will also let you know what other information to bring to your appointment, including how to apply for CFCN sliding fee program if you are eligible.
CFCN does not accept walk-in patients. We will try to schedule your appointment within a few days, or sooner. Please always call first if you wish to be seen by one of our providers. That is the best way to ensure that you are seen as quickly as possible without waiting an excessive amount of time.

Pay a Bill
Cassopolis Family Clinic Network (CFCN) expects payment at time of service. We accept most kinds of insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid. We will bill your insurance as a service to you, but you must have correct and current insurance information with you when you check in at the front desk. Without this, we may not be able to bill your insurance company, and you could be billed for the visit or be asked to reschedule your appointment. Please help us reduce the cost of care to you by bringing your insurance cards for you and your family to every visit.

CFCN strongly believes in providing health care even if you cannot pay in full. However, all patients are expected to follow our financial policies and make payments as required. The phone number of our Business Office is (269) 262-4267.

Apply for Financial Assistance
At Cassopolis Family Clinic Network (CFCN), we know that paying for medical and dental services can be a burden. We try to work with all patients to help them receive the care they need. CFCN has Outreach Specialists to help you understand your bill. If needed, our Outreach Specialist will always try to help set up a payment plan for you or to help you apply for our sliding fee program. To contact our Outreach Specialists please call (269) 445-3874 x 128.

Receive Help with Transportation
Please let us know if you need assistance with transportation to and from medical appointments. Assistance for family practice appointments is provided by CFCN and Medicaid Health Plans. Please call (269) 445-3874.

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